What we do

We help governments and organizations with relief, stabilization, and development efforts by gathering open, sharable information. Our team collects imagery, mapping, and other data in standards compliant formats and offer it without restrictive licensing. We are committed to sharing this information on the ground as it's collected and online via programmatic interfaces. Our intent is to enable governments and non-government actors to work together more effectively by providing a shared picture of ground-truth.

Why we do it

We believe open, sharable information is a powerful enabler and a naturally coordinating influence. A common understanding of facts is critical to coordinating the efforts of organizations with overlapping or complimentary goals. Accurate information ultimately helps everyone achieve their objectives and reduces wasted efforts while reducing coordination overhead.

How we do it

Using cutting edge commercial technology, open source, and internally developed software to gather, share, and relay information on the ground, our team is able to make accurate assessments in hazardous, combative, or austere conditions. In addition to our team's direct efforts on the ground, we partner with governments, NGO's and communities in the region to collect and share information.

Where we work

Our team has decades of experience assisting governments and NGO's in disasters, conflict zones, and developing countries worldwide. We have worked in regions such as Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans, southeast Asia, and Latin America. We can effectively operate in area's with impaired or non-existent infrastructure and optimize our teams for self-sufficiency.

When can we respond

In a rapid onset disaster or crisis, our team can be on the ground, gathering and relaying information, within 24-48 hours. We typically work in a region for days or weeks at a time and focus on enabling partners for long duration needs.

Who we are

We are experienced professionals who have supported government, military, and non-government organizations worldwide. The Third Block Team brings diverse technical and operational skills together to enable self-contained efforts in gathering and sharing information. Their backgrounds are in information analysis as well as the application of that information in the field. The combination of experience helps us better understand the needs of the organizations on the ground.


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